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Apr. 12th, 2015

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I think the schedule thing failed, so I give up.  Yesterday, I hit the "sit down and internet" item on the schedule and stayed there for the rest of the day, only interrupted when the dinner guest deadline arrived.  Luckily it did, or it would have been cheese on toast for dinner.

Sometime soon I will run out of internet based things to do and get out of bed to attempt the Rowany Festival packup/cleanup thing and cleaning all of the house.  Although if I wanted to stay in bed I could probably do paid work for the rest of the day.

I think Rose needs to get out of the house and/or a bit engaged in the world before she heads to school tomorrow.  She's a bit grumpy right now for that to go well. I can't do that from my bed, unfortunately.

I've spent the morning obsessing over getting organised for Quest, you've probably seen the 10 separate updates to the event description on FB, the advertising, the event form and the booking form.  I've also started making a list of the infrastructure we'll need.

I have a tentative sewing/clothing list for Quest:
wool flemish for me
wool jacket for me
black wool partlet for me
black gumboots for Rose and me
Woolen venetians for Rose
woolen thermals for rose
And I'll be fitting that around work - lots of work, apple processing next weekend, spring cleaning and decluttering the whole house, paying someone to re-roof the house (just decided to pay someone else to paint the house too).

It's a good think I just started paying for office space 2 days a week - I'm going to need to cram all work into 3 days so I can do the rest of the stuff I want to do on thursdays and Fridays.

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