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This is what the Steward wrote today about the rules:

Line of sight was the one that I announced at Festival and I announced it for up to 10 years old. From 14 years old kids were able to roam around the site during the day but needed to be with a nominated carer at night. That didn't mean they couldn't
Line of site was also not necessarily of the parents it was of the nominated adult/ care giver. This was the advice that I received from the Office of the Children's Guardian as stated previously. As I have also stated previously not publishing this more prior to Festival was my oversight due to the number of unexpected other aspects of Festival that needed sudden and urgent responses right up to and including the DA requirements and the sudden rush to approve large sections of the site for camping due to the sudden need to have an arbourist check out the camp sites to find out if we could actually use them.
I am not totally happy with the line of sight requirement because I feel that for a 10 year old this is excessive. I do think that it is appropriate for a younger child. I will be double checking with the Office of the Children's Guardian on their requirements for this on Monday as I have to double check a number of things including our insurance requirements for children at events like Festival as well. All of these things come into play when we make any rules about who is allowed to do what. The majority of the rules that we followed this year for Festival for children are the same as those that have been followed in previous years.

and this is the line from yesterday;

"children had to be line of site(sic) from a nominated care giver when around the site. Over 10's did not have to be tagged, under 10's did have to be tagged. Over 14's could roam during the day but not at night. Over 14's could not look after younger children. Children could go to the nearest privy themselves. "

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