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My equilibrium seems to have returned and I can contemplate Festival without crying or getting angry (they may be the same thing). Thanks to all my good friends who contributed to my recovery.

Here's the stuff I want to contemplate in the next year and in particular for my medieval fun;

Organise the permanent oven and structure at Festival.
oven on stone base with post and beam roof
From my email to the Festival organiser last year:

The floor area would be approximately 1.8m x 2.5m and the materials used would be selected based on the fire and termite considerations of the area.

We'll need to sort out a location and logistics of building something so far away. I imagine we can make the timber frame here in Melbourne and transport the pieces to site for construction.

We'll also need to source the stones for the base and probably soak some lime (or take some from the farm) for the lime render.

I think we'll need two weekends of travel and several more weekends for the timber construction. That's one weekend to build the base, and another weekend to build the oven and put together the timber frame. I'm probably being optimistic.

Also money. Maybe we could hit the FAT funds?

I wonder if the "we" I keep referring to are up for this? OTOH, maybe I can also get some local workforce?

Here's a thought...Maybe we could make the cover a bit bigger and include a rocket stove and boiling setup?


I'm feeling quite inspired by the kitchen chests and I'd like to replace the chests that we've used for our clothes for the past 8 years. They look quite nice, but they're made of plywood and don't operate like period chests. I like the basic pattern of the kitchen chests, but I'll make these ones smaller. I quite like this one, the dimensions are great - Height: 53 cm, Width: 111 cm, Depth: 49.5 cm. Thanks sjkasabi. More details here.
13th C chest


As usual, I want more/new clothes. I still haven't found my flemish dress, but I need a woollen one anyway. Also sleeves, a jacket and black wool partlet.

I'd like to make mr-bassman some hose and doublets, maybe from an earlier time period than the ones I made for MsNotaGoth last year.


By observation, at Festival we kept needing another cast iron pot. I think we should buy a second saxburger - it's a good size to feed a lot of people in feast quantities and is a good size for stews that we just keep re-heating.

Given our re-heating practices for the past few festivals, maybe our menu planning should include both stock and stew reheating? That would reduce the work involved in dinners!

I also think that we shouldn't have left so much equipment at home. It was a worthy thought, but the kitchen chests don't need careful packing so more stuff doesn't mean a longer pack up time. We need the flexibility we get from having lots of stuff.

Since finding out that the bowls we've bought from Alex are Anglo-saxon cooking pots, I think we should stop using them and try harder to find 15thC large bowls. We could just get Alex to make us some.


Since Festival I've had a couple of conversations about singing in the SCA;
  • I've been told off for telling someone that singing filk (to a modern tune) at a feast was not OK,
  • I've heard that people won't bring a tablet into Abbotsford and even when I commented that I didn't mind, they still wouldn't do it.
  • I've had conversations about bardic circles and how I miss the period songs sung as performance rather than participatory choir type singing.

I think I'm going to organise a bardic circle in Abbotsford next year. If they feel that they can't bring their tablets, I'm pretty sure it won't be too hard to keep out modern songs. :-)


The Barn tent is saggy and sad.  We need to make a new kitchen tent.


The composting toilets were good, but we didn't have enough storage, we overfilled one so I needed to reduce the liquid level before it could be transported and one of the barrels leaked a little in the truck on the way home.  Also, the barrels are too heavy to lift easily when full.  We really needed three 60L barrels as we had two people who didn't use them at all and had to avoid using during daytime for the last 3 days.

For next year, I would like to use 20L food buckets, without taps.  We could have a two holer, with one hole for liquids only, which could be easily emptied into a nearby porta loo.  And the other for solids, which wouldn't fill as quickly and can be carried home and left in a shed in the back paddock.  The buckets would mean that we wouldn't need a step so the tent would be more spacious.  Wow, we need 9 barrels, although if we're emptying wee we could probably use less.

OTOH, if we brought a trolley we could easily transport the 60L barrels and could just get new barrels that don't have taps.  That way we could use all the boxes etc that we already have.

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