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Today is the second day I have woken at 5.30am, read the internet for a while and then rolled over and gone back to sleep until 9ish.   I'm still catching up with the daylight savings change.  I was speaking to someone who suggested that you get more sleep at this end of daylight savings, but I always get less - I stay awake later because, "the clock says it's only 11pm" and then wake at my normal, pre daylight savings time of 6.30am, but it's only 5.30am which loses me an hour of sleep every day for a week.

I have huge plans for today and I'm going to schedule them so I'm more likely to get them all done. The list is;

Make booking form for Quest and submit event form
Sit in bed with a computer and tea until 11am

do 2 sessions of 1 hour on work stuff I need finished before Monday
Spend 30min cleaning my bedroom
Wash all woollens from Festival, as well as the new brown wool I bought yesterday to make my own Flemish dress before Quest. 
That means I also need to empty Rose's chest, so I think I'll spend 30min on her room at the same time
spend 1 hour cleaning the  Kitchen
go to the market
Spend 1-2 hours making 2 protege belts (only need one right now, but it'll be easier if I make a second)

And here's how the schedule goes;

9.30am Sit in bed with computer and tea AND do Quest stuff (multi-tasking!)
10am Sit in bed with computer and tea AND do 1hr of work
11am shower, dress and empty chests, put on load of washing still need to empty Rose chest (just retrieved the woollens) .
11.30am go to market

12.30am 1pm flop for 30min; read the internet, eat food
1.30pm clean the kitchen AND hang out washing
2pm 1hr work session
3pm commence protege belt making
4pm clean bedroom
4.30pm clean Rose's room
5pm put dinner on and finish protege belt (I love roasts)

Phew! that was hard!  I don't feel so enthusiastic now.
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