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So I finished the thing that I thought was a blockage, the reason I hadn't done a bunch of other things.

And yesterday, I determined that I would do all of the sewing on the dress I want for next week.  But first I organised a shopping list for the breakfasts, snacks and lunches for the even next week.  And then I realised that I had to buy most of the food yesterday, because next week is full of work and a full day course on the day I had planned to do the shopping. 

After the shopping list was completed, I took Rose's violin to school (we'd forgotten it in the morning) and went window shopping at the op-shop (not sure why I did that). 

As I was standing at my kitchen table, ready to cut out my lining fabric, my mother arrived for a chat and cup of tea.  Yesteday, I got the lining cut out and the bodice pinned ready to iron.

This morning I have to take Rose to sell raffle tickets for cubs, so maybe this arvo I can sew the skirt together with the machine and all the rest of the work will be handsewing.

I also need to make those pies for the event next week and go to Bash (handsewing time!)

I don't think I have time to make that jacket or partlet I wanted. :(
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