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I want one.  we have one, but it needs work and doesn't get used as much as I thought it would - the connector is on mr-bassman's bike and he has a seat so hard and so narrow that I risk splitting in half every time I ride it.

I'm very impressed by this Maya trailer.  It's designed to turn into a wheelbarrow when you take it off the bike.  I can see it would be useful for carrying that wooden chest I planned to build for the armour I need to refurbish that I never wear.  It might be a bit flimsy for the sort of weight I'm imagining though.  I can't find an Australian distributor either.

I really like the attachment method in this instructable.  It seems sensible and reusing and within my skill set. Although it would not be a particularly quick release.
bike and trailer

Now I've got that off my chest, I can go and get that work done.
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