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 I'm knitting a jumper and I have to design the sleeve (unless recipient decides she wants a vest instead, her latest fancy)

Anyway, I collected some links.

Handy guide to writing an excel spreadsheet to work out the sleeve pattern 

I haven't looked hard enough at the spreadsheet to see if this might be a more straightforward way to do the sleeve pattern calcs.  

Or I could avoid the entire issue and use this calculator instead.

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Thanks to [personal profile] damned_colonial  (and a large list of other things to do) this morning I decided that what I need to do with all the time I spend on the couch is knit!

I'm all inspired by the following books:

Patterns for Guernseys, Jerseys & Arans 
Traditional Fair Isle Knitting

I have Rutt, but I like this single page precis of the history of knitting and I'm reminded that I still haven't solved my felted acorn hat shrinkage rate problem.

Of course the knitted items I would like to own are hand knitted socks and a 30's style lace or aran cardigan with a collar

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