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I want one.  we have one, but it needs work and doesn't get used as much as I thought it would - the connector is on mr-bassman's bike and he has a seat so hard and so narrow that I risk splitting in half every time I ride it.

I'm very impressed by this Maya trailer.  It's designed to turn into a wheelbarrow when you take it off the bike.  I can see it would be useful for carrying that wooden chest I planned to build for the armour I need to refurbish that I never wear.  It might be a bit flimsy for the sort of weight I'm imagining though.  I can't find an Australian distributor either.

I really like the attachment method in this instructable.  It seems sensible and reusing and within my skill set. Although it would not be a particularly quick release.
bike and trailer

Now I've got that off my chest, I can go and get that work done.
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The stuff I need to do this week;

give notice to the storage place
make 3 hoods of warmth, including an infant one
make a loft bed for MsNotaGoth (so tempted by an Ikea bought option, but so don't have the money)
empty my desk and move it to MsNotaGoth's room
Move the desk from the back verandah to the study
take photos of the Ford, so I can...
Put an ad in one of the online car sales places
book for Festival
tell stewards how much space we need to camp in (very late!!)
Lie on the couch a bit more writing drivel and checking my email and friends page obsessively

The stuff I need to do next week;

move the beds from my house to my mum's new apartment
the stuff I didn't do last week
make something for LardFest (optional)
Start design for cupboard in study to store stuff from the storage unit
Transfer ownership of our new car
clean up my bedroom
bottle mead
start beer brew

Stuff I need to write down so it's out of my head and I can stop obsessing about it;

I need new clothes, mainly tshirts, tops for work, shorts for riding to work in, maybe a skirt or two.
I need to remake sleeves for my 15thC cotehardies
I need better headdress arrangements
I think we need to start thinking about new coronets, I lost another pearl on the weekend and being stood on wasn't good for it either.  It would be good to have them for the 20th baronial birthday, but we need to get started on designing them.  BTW I should sort out a steward for that event, or at least a venue.
I need to consult with [ profile] montjoye about sewing rabbit fur onto the houppelande/coat I have planned for Festival
One of these days I'll make the time to draw up the house plans I think I'm almost happy to go ahead with, but not before Festival and not in the three months after Festival 'cos I always collapse in a heap then and then the weathers miserable, and then it's my 40th birthday and then it will be the silly season and then it will be the three months before Festival when I get heaps done, but not stuff I don't need for Festival...
I'd like Rose to have her own bed for Festival, one that can be pushed under our bed during the day

I think that's all of the thoughts that have been swirling in my head lately.  I think I can do at least 3 of the things on my first list this evening, so I'l start!
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so now I'm posting.

The virtuous me would be making another "hood of warmth" baronial token and some lunch for at the Archery Day today, before heading off to the school to do the final pickup of stuff and cleanup.

but blah!

My mind's running too fast for me to sleep, but I'm too tired to be very virtuous. Rose is still asleep and my mind is whirring over when to get her up, so she's fed and dressed before we go to the school to clean. That, unfortunately, is a non-negotiable.

Bugger, that only took 2 min. Maybe I'll sew, and then hope that Rose is still asleep at 9.45am, when I'll ask MsNotaGoth to keep her ear out for the Rose, who'll wake up as I walk out the door and fuck mess up all my plans. And food? I think I might have to make a formal, "you're feeding the B and B this bash" roster. And today? we'll make sure we eat beforehand, or something.

Blah. Did I mention Blah?

Hey! I should publish the instructions for making a hood. Then, when people are feeling helpful, they could make hoods and I wouldn't have to do this rush job on a Sunday morning.

BTW I had a fabbo time last night. I'm still amazed that there were at least 25 people dancing all the way to the last dance. Earlier, there almost wasn't enough room for the dancers in the hall! The fires worked brilliantly, but I should have lit organised to have lit the third brazier. It was funny watching the extra groups of people, determined to have their own conversation circle, without a fire. Although it didn't get below 10 degrees last night - positively balmy!

And I've already been asked if we'll have another ball next year. It's certainly an easy event to run/organise. So maybe I should encourage someone to run one as their first event.
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After Festival I've been moping around the house, waiting for inspiration to arrive. It arrived at 6am and I had to get up to tell you all about it.

Here's the start of the inspiration cascade. I hope I can get most of it done before I get overwhelmed and inspiration disappears to hide under a pillow somewhere and wibble.

I should make a bead necklace for wear at work - I need a nice necklace or two.

For midwinter ball I will wear my Tudor and not make another dress. I need to revamp my corset and make a rope farthingale and hat suitable for wearing with a coronet.

My Mary Magdalene dress, which I have put off finishing for more than a year, should have been done differently. The "trim" around the neckline should be the facing, sewn on so that it's seen on the outside. The dress would be much easier to sew that way, I'm not sure I can modify the one I've already started. But I'm now more confident about using the blue linen I've had sitting in my stash waiting for this day. Hey! Maybe I should spend a fortune on fabric for the sleeves in celebration.

Perhaps we don't need to change the CMS of the Stormhold website. Maybe we just need to spend some time investigating what we need to make it do what we want. It's Drupal, other people must use it as their websites, what have they done with it?
addit: Oooh!! I like this one -
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This will be added to, I'm sure.

Organise an heraldic melee team, complete with Spiffy Stormhold stuff.
Actually see the spiffy tents and campsites that Stormholders have made (I'm a bad Baroness)
Get to Festival early enough that I don't need to waste Festival time resting/acclimatising.
Make Real shoes for me (and maybe [ profile] mr_bassman, unless he makes his own)
Two more linen under tunics
Find a more interesting veil/head covering option, that's just as easy and quick.
A sturdy table/surface in my tent. Maybe something like

this or this which are probably the same piece of furniture btw.
(click the pictures for the bigger version)

Hand-washing facilities in my tent.
Procure a small jug for said hand-washing, and wine during the rest of the year.
Collect/make linen bags and containers for kitchen equipment, so I don't feel guilty.
Arrange bricks in Sydney for oven making
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- even if to get it made you have to browbeat your husband into making tables your way?


Look what we made!

The photos are a bit busy, but you guys look at medieval paintings trying to decipher detail all the time! you're used to it!
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