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 Yesterday I damaged something in my lower back.  Straight after I did it I went walking, started my stretches and put a hot pack on it.  I also started taking drugs.  You know you're in a goodly amount of pain when you don't get the whoozy feeling from the codeine, and you just feel a bit more normal.

In the afternoon, I got tired and lay down on the couch.  I think I stayed still for too long and my back got much worse.

Early this morning I got up to have a wee and I was in too much pain to walk, let alone lower myself to the toilet and I gave up and took pain killers instead.  I was able to move a bit better 30min later and successfully sat on the toilet.

I went to the physio this morning and burst into tears when he asked me how I was.  He immediately went and got me some pain killers.

My back is taped, I have recently had pain killers and right now I'm in almost as much pain as I was in at 3am this morning.  It hurts to change feet as I stand, it hurts to think about moving from one room to another and I'm in so much pain I can't think.  I don't know what position I can put myself in to stop the pain for a while. I've thought about lying down, but I'll have to get up again in 30min to do my stretches and avoid damaging myself further and I don't think I want to contemplate the pain that getting down and up again is going to involve.

I think this level of pain means that taking a train to Canberra will be a stupid idea.
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I've woken u pwith a headache.  Not that the pain is so bad, but its the sort that makes my eyes droop and I'm having trouble typing straight.

I can't seleep and I'd really rather be doing something, but I think I'll just tspedn the day doing paperwork based stuff.  It's probably better to have typos than cut uoff my findgers with a circulaar saw because my brain sisn't workin g probperly.

Also, is it stragnae that when I have a massage my asthma gets worse?  It's almost like my muscles are holding in some sort of stress, that when its realeased gets into my asthma (where is that?).

My asthma went away for two years after I first throeew MTB out of my daily life.  When it comes back I'm always suspicious of what's going on in my head.
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