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I want one.  we have one, but it needs work and doesn't get used as much as I thought it would - the connector is on mr-bassman's bike and he has a seat so hard and so narrow that I risk splitting in half every time I ride it.

I'm very impressed by this Maya trailer.  It's designed to turn into a wheelbarrow when you take it off the bike.  I can see it would be useful for carrying that wooden chest I planned to build for the armour I need to refurbish that I never wear.  It might be a bit flimsy for the sort of weight I'm imagining though.  I can't find an Australian distributor either.

I really like the attachment method in this instructable.  It seems sensible and reusing and within my skill set. Although it would not be a particularly quick release.
bike and trailer

Now I've got that off my chest, I can go and get that work done.
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After Festival I've been moping around the house, waiting for inspiration to arrive. It arrived at 6am and I had to get up to tell you all about it.

Here's the start of the inspiration cascade. I hope I can get most of it done before I get overwhelmed and inspiration disappears to hide under a pillow somewhere and wibble.

I should make a bead necklace for wear at work - I need a nice necklace or two.

For midwinter ball I will wear my Tudor and not make another dress. I need to revamp my corset and make a rope farthingale and hat suitable for wearing with a coronet.

My Mary Magdalene dress, which I have put off finishing for more than a year, should have been done differently. The "trim" around the neckline should be the facing, sewn on so that it's seen on the outside. The dress would be much easier to sew that way, I'm not sure I can modify the one I've already started. But I'm now more confident about using the blue linen I've had sitting in my stash waiting for this day. Hey! Maybe I should spend a fortune on fabric for the sleeves in celebration.

Perhaps we don't need to change the CMS of the Stormhold website. Maybe we just need to spend some time investigating what we need to make it do what we want. It's Drupal, other people must use it as their websites, what have they done with it?
addit: Oooh!! I like this one -
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on 8 September, I found the following fares for [ profile] mr_bassman and me and Rose.

Jetstar - $795.52
Qantas - $1673.12
Virgin - $937.50
Air New Zealand - $1,141.56

Today they look like this:

Jetstar - $726.08
Qantas - $1688.12
Virgin - $937.50
Air New Zealand - $911.12

I looked at Emirates, their booking/flight investigation software is crap and they don't let you choose the date which gives you the cheapest flight. I think the flight to Auckland was more than for Qantas though. Unless you can find the flights to New Zealand they are advertising as "from $199". Conditions say that you have to fly between now and 1 Jan AND you have to find the flights which have those seats available. I couldn't find them.

Tried to look at Thai airlines, but their page keeps timing out.

And I think [ profile] auntyyolly is probably right, you need to wait until about 3 months out. Fares for Coronation look like this;

Jetstar - $926.08
Qantas - $1644.12
Virgin - $977.50
Air New Zealand - $1607.12
Emirates - $1345.08

Addit: If we flew Emirates from Sydney to Christchurch, as suggested by [ profile] vonstrassburg, the total trip would cost $1000.28 + $392 = $1392.28, flying Qantas to Sydney and not including accommodation in Sydney but the flights leave for Christchurch at times that don't work for connecting flights.
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I need to go and see this!

I went to the original when my children were under 6.
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I succumbed and decided to go to November Crown by plane 'cos Jetstar flights were $59 to Launceston.

Today they rang me to tell me that the flight times I had booked don't exist anymore so now I'm going to have to leave work early on Friday to catch the 5.15 flight, instead of the 8.50pm flight. grrr.

I won't get as much tourist time either. My 10.20pm flight on Tuesday has become a 6.45pm flight instead.

I think I'm going to change the friday flight to a sparrow fart flight and spend Friday being a tourist on my way to Port Sorell instead of working. Of course the kids will have to take a day off school too, but oh well.

I paid extra to have flights at those times, I'm thinking I should ask for a refund.
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1. Travel on 1 Feb is MUCH cheaper than travel in January.
2. Staying later doesn't make much difference to fares.
3. Taxes etc make a big difference to the overall cost, so you have to look further than just the quotes for fares.
4. These fares are for 2 adults and 1 infant
5. The infant cops ALL the tax charges, so isn't as cheap as I expected.
6. We would need a passport for Rose.
7. Virgin has that "sporting equipment" allowance, which increases how much stuff you can take.


Jetstar - $795.52
Qantas - $1673.12
Virgin - $937.50
Air New Zealand - $1,141.56

Are there other airlines I could be looking at?

Now what?

Sep. 6th, 2006 10:17 am
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I've splodged around the internet for a while this morning, I've read everything I want to.

I've yelled at my kids and T seems to have decided to stay home from school today. It's raining and her poor little self might melt if she has to ride her bike. She's on the couch arguing with the laptop before spends the day doing her homework.

I've also dressed Rose and put on a load of nappies.

What shall I do with the rest of my day? I don't seem to have a burning issue or thing I want to do today. If I'm not careful I'll just spend the day watching Dr Who or Hornblower and then remember that thing I promised myself I would do on my day off. It must be time for a new master list.

SCA stuff
Make Rose a baby walker like the one in my icon.
Make a chest for all the baronial bits
Work on my new wool dress
Get a pattern and the stuff together for new woollen leggings for Rose at Festival next year
Research the kitchen at Crossroads and draw up some designs for comment
Write an article for Cockatrice on my tent designs and the maths involved
Ring city of melbourne about a hall in kensington for fighter practice
Draft up a new front page for the Stormhold website
Arrange for someone to fix up the baronial heraldry so I'm willing to have it on business cards
Organise business cards.

Home stuff
Clear the kitchen table
Tidy and vacuum the family room
Feed Rose breakfast
Tidy my bedroom (aren't you sick of this one? It's been on the list for 6 months and I _still_ haven't done it!)
Sort out my sewing storage
Put up architraves in the laundry
Plan and cost the stuff I want to do in the kitchen
Draw up the grand renovation plan in preparation for submission to townplanning

Get the permissions on my web server sorted out so I can edit my wiki
Set up samba on the web server so I can back it up properly
Work out why my scanner's not working
Put a bunch of photos onto my gallery

Other stuff
Watch television
Visit my sister for the latest lactation update
Do that work stuff I need to do
Make pocket style nappy
Make Rose some flannalette pyjamas
Make myself a nice dress I can breastfeed in

So, what shall I do?

I think I'll sit here for a while longer


Aug. 23rd, 2006 10:26 am
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My tax refund arrived in my bank account today!

What I want to spend it on;

credit cards
work clothes
sanding and painting the kitchen floor
finishing the laundry - door jambs, architraves, paint, new back door, drawers and doors for cabinets

Of course I didn't get $5000 worth of refund. :(

I think I'll have a play with my budget and see how many bills I can pay with the money I earned this month - then I'll see what to do with the rest.

And then I'll actually submit [ profile] mr_bassman's tax return so we can start building castles with that money.

Other plans for the day;

clear my desk and sewing "book"shelf.
make new baronial award gifts
visit my sister and support her breastfeeding, give her the ebm I haven't used.
support Z in cleaning his room and doing his homework before scouts tonight

Maybe that's why I was a pudgy child - my eyes were bigger than my stomach and I wanted to taste more things than my body could stand. It seems I still have that inclination, but about stuff to do rather than food to taste.
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It's only ten minutes before ten o'clock and I've;

bathed and dressed the baby, cleaned the toilet and mopped it's floor, emptied the dishwasher, run a load of washing, stacked the dishwasher and fed the baby breakfast.

Now I've stopped for "morning coffee". My mother and grandmother would be proud.

On the other hand, I'm sure they would have been dressed and washed by now...

Today's the day to sort out my finances, do some gardening, see my sister, meet [ profile] 17catherines and eat her cake, support Z in his homework, take Z to scoouts and recuperate/rest so I can survive the next two days at work.

Oh yes, also - pick up a baby, put down a baby, pick up a baby ad nauseum.

And for more fun on my list (and to make sure I don't forget) - write a calling sheet for showtime (book now!) and write the words for Stormscroll.

Better get on with it, I guess. BTW it's 10.30 now!
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make Rose two polar fleece jumpers
I made one! In the niftyest pattern. I'll do that again and it only took me an hour and a half, while I watched House

receive new washing machine and dryer
Arrived while Rose was sleeping - wasn't that convenient!

chase down white rabbit fur
See my last post. I'll probably order some of the cheaper, undyed fur. Unless someone comments here and persuades me not to.

buy wedding gift
I've organised the consortium and the purchase is just a formality. I'll send [ profile] mr_bassman to do it tomorrow.

use new washing machine
Nappies, 3 loads of Festival wool and a load of whites later. The cycle time on the new front loader is longer than my old top loader, but it's quieter and makes a better worksurface.

tidy kitchen
I think I'd done most of this when I made the list - maybe I cheated.

sew together new kirtle - started mostly complete
I still need to overlock a couple of the seams, but it's all together and now I can start on the fiddly details.

sort finances
Ummm.... I think I'm avoiding this one. The longer I don't know that my finances are funiculated, the more comfortable my existence.

recuperate from very pleasant dinner last night

bond with Z who's coming over after school
Well, he came over. And took himself off to his room to play some game he's downloaded illegally from the internet. I guess we talked a bit over dinner and while I drove him to scouts. Better than not seeing him for a week anyway.

do some invest planning
Didn't happen

organise transport in Canberra on weekend
hire car booked!

The bit's I didn't list as goals, but did anyway;

Feed, change and put baby to sleep - several times.
Make dinner
Drive Z to scouts
Reload LJ friends page regularly
Check email regularly
Make several LJ posts
Finished my book (Anne's House of Dreams, a re-read of one of my comfort novels)
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make Rose two polar fleece jumpers
receive new washing machine and dryer
chase down white rabbit fur
buy wedding gift
use new washing machine
tidy kitchen
sew together new kirtle - started
sort finances
recuperate from very pleasant dinner last night
bond with Z who's coming over after school
do some invest planning
organise transport in Canberra on weekend
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pay the bills
be at work on time
go out monday night (take handsewing)
do Chronically stuff on tuesday night with [ profile] villana
jig the festival layout plan and send to stewards
sort out the festival to do list
up load the nioka photos and make them available on [ profile] stormholdinvest
work towards finalisation of the hall for invest
take Rose to immunisation

hmmm I must have forgotten something - this list is too short.
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So Rose is finally asleep for the morning, I've had breakfast and read LJ and the paper, so now what do I do?

I've been thinking over the last few days about all the things I thought I was going to get done while I'm home on maternity leave. I know that other mothers don't get stuff done when they have small babies, but I'm different. Rose is my fourth baby, I'm an organised person and I will DO STUFF.

I haven't gotten anything done yet, and I'm having trouble fitting a shower into my day full of nothing, my day that seems to include reading a lot of the internet, refreshing my friends page too often and feeding, changing and putting a baby to sleep. By the time I blink, it's my nap time (I'm still quite tired) and then the older kids are home from school and I'm interacting with them. I am successfully making bread daily, but I haven't done the washing or tidied my bedroom or the family room - the minor things I thought I would get done.

I realised today that I'm not planning to do stuff, so I'm not doing stuff. So here's my short term list of stuff to do;

  • get out my non-maternity clothes and organise somewhere to store them

  • design the two options for [ profile] tenbears and [ profile] splodgenoodles laundry and work out a rough estimate of the respective costs and timeline.

  • go to Friends of the Earth foof co-op and buy some interesting breadmaking flour

  • spend 15 min on tidying my crap in the family room

  • have a shower

  • find some non maternity/non frumpy clothes to wear

There are more than 5 things on the list, but showering should be really easy to achieve - Rose just went to sleep, so I probably have at least 2 hours to achieve it. Clothing myself afterwards is another story.

My list of 5 things I want to get done by christmas are as follows;

  • finish my tent for festival

  • sort out the workshop so I can use it and find things

  • make at least 2 new dresses and 1 new underdress for SCA use. They have to be breastfeeding friendly, comfortable and flattering.

  • design the house extension and organise budget estimates from at least 2 builders

  • make Rose's entire festival wardrobe.

I try to keep my lists to five things because I have a rule that when I get a new enthusiasm, I have to do one of the things on the list before I can add the new thing. It stops discourages me from flitting from project to project.

I will put my long term list up in the toilet, so I remember that I plan to DO STUFF
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