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So I finished the thing that I thought was a blockage, the reason I hadn't done a bunch of other things.

And yesterday, I determined that I would do all of the sewing on the dress I want for next week.  But first I organised a shopping list for the breakfasts, snacks and lunches for the even next week.  And then I realised that I had to buy most of the food yesterday, because next week is full of work and a full day course on the day I had planned to do the shopping. 

After the shopping list was completed, I took Rose's violin to school (we'd forgotten it in the morning) and went window shopping at the op-shop (not sure why I did that). 

As I was standing at my kitchen table, ready to cut out my lining fabric, my mother arrived for a chat and cup of tea.  Yesteday, I got the lining cut out and the bodice pinned ready to iron.

This morning I have to take Rose to sell raffle tickets for cubs, so maybe this arvo I can sew the skirt together with the machine and all the rest of the work will be handsewing.

I also need to make those pies for the event next week and go to Bash (handsewing time!)

I don't think I have time to make that jacket or partlet I wanted. :(
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 Tasks for this weekend;

finish the script for my toilet talk (to be presented on Monday arvo)
agonise about what to wear for the talk, the galah dinner and the recovery Tuesday
pack before Bash so I can catch a plane on Sunday evening
work out the best way to get to my hotel at 10pm sunday night (Haymarket for the hinters amongst you) I give up, taxi it is.  900m in the dark when I'm tired is too far.  Note for next time: insist on an hotel nearer public transport.
MAYBE set up that wordpress site with toilet info and links to go with my talk

make more buttons
sew buttons on the new gambeson
set up the points on the new gambeson
pad my elbow cops
shorten the hose to suit my pourpoint

It's a good thing the weather is so good for sitting on the couch sewing and watching telly.
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I didn't get any sewing done, but I have audited Rose's Festival clothes and she has the following clothes to wear;

red flemish (cotton)
blue wool pin on sleeves
black wool partlet
black linen partlet
unfinished white linen partlet
black linen apron
green linen apron
green wool surcoat
purple/red tunic with embroidery around the neck (from celsa - was this a borrow or a hand me down?)
red wool hood that will fit until she's bigger than me
ugly blue wool cloak

Notice the lack of underwear?  Every chemise she owns will still fit, but her arms and legs are too long for her.  The hems are at knee height and the arms at the elbow.  Actually, almost all her dresses are in the same category - fit in the body but the skirts are too short.  The only one that doesn't "fit" has set in sleeves - I'll avoid them in future.

I've done really well.  Most of the dresses I discarded tonight have been worn since at least our trip to Canterbury Faire in 2009.

Tonight I patterned some underwear.  I guess I'll sew that sometime between now and Festival... I'm also thinking that some more aprons and partlets could be useful, so she can just change apron and partlet each day and keep her one dress clean enough.  Otherwise, maybe she's ready to just wear plain coloured linen/wool shifts with a belt.  I guess I could button them at the wrist so the sleeves can include growing room but not be annoying.  She could probably dress herself if I went that way...

Or maybe I could just make her another flemish in a lightweight wool with a bag lining - I made the last one in an hour, not including patterning.

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I got up early so I could sew.

I read the internet and had breakfast.

I went to the kitchen to clear the table for sewing.

I had to put away some dry goods.

I (re-)found the moths in the pantry.

I went through every item in the pantry and dealt with all moths.  Threw stuff away, containerised other stuff.

I wiped all of the pantry surfaces.

I decanted quick oats into a container.

I couldn't fit the last cup full in.

I made Anzac biscuits.

I'm sitting down to have a rest.

I'm not sure I have the energy to finish clearing the kitchen table, let alone start sewing.

I have to leave the house at 12 and it's currently 10.15.

I've learnt this lesson before and I would normally set up a new table with trestles, but the family room is full of stuff and I'd have to move it.  Today, I can't win.  Virginia Wolfe, you're right.
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I've done the research, cut out the fabric and then stalled because I needed to look at the research again to convince myself that what I cut out will work the way I want to.

Here are the pictures I'm using;

So I'm using rectangles to make the body, with a bit of shaping for the sleeve cap. It looks like the skirt is fuller in the back than the front.

The red coat fastens at the top and the waist, the skirt looks fuller at the front The grey one looks like it fastens at the side and isn't as full. I need to make Rose a nice warm flat cap.

I think this is a warmer time of year and the full skirts are the under dresses. The brown tops might be jackets.

I'm a bit worried about the collar. These close ups suggest that the body continues into the collar, but I didn't include that when I cut it out. I still need to make Rose a nice warm flat cap.

I went shopping this morning and bought some really nice green wool and some other stuff I won't tell you about 'cos it will just make you jealous. I also bought some whitework machine embroidered linen which I think I'll use for Sneetch's shirts.

You might like to check out Brunswick Fabrics. They had the linen and the wool. The wool was $10.80/m and included the nice navy cashmere stuff I've used to make hoods of warmth. No black there sadly. Another shop had 2 different sorts of black wool for $18/m and yet another had a beautiful black cashmere for $28/m.

btw. For Midwinter we should produce a google map of fabric shops with hours of opening and things to look for. Southron Gaard have this - and it was very useful!!
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cut out a new dress for me and sew it together enough that it can have a final fitting on Tuesday night
make venetians for Sneetch
make sleeves for Rose except for the handsewing
make a Bruegal coat for Rose
make shirts to go with Sneetch's venetians
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It's finally put together, MsNotaGoth's dress is done enough to try on BUT

The petticoat underneath looks awful.

Does anyone have one we could borrow? Or do I have to go out on Sunday and buy a pattern? AND make another one, that's more likely to work.


We moved the waist of the petticoat down about 20cm, shortening it and increasing the amount of gather. Now, it works!! Hooray!!

Now to move the waist of the dress bodice (she's short waisted like me) and then I'll go and buy a zip.

Incidentally, if you take the waistband of the current petticoat and fasten it above her breasts, and tie a cord around her waist, it looks very fashionable. Pictures to follow.
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a headache, an upset tummy and an inclination to lie down and close my eyes.

I'm still cutting out MsNotaGoth's dress though.

in between little rests on the couch.

good thing: I finished the petticoat today. Gee, tulle is hard to sew! It loooks a bit wonky, but I'll put the dress skirt over it and see if it's a problem.
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[ profile] ms_killian! that original 50's pattern you have is amazing!

The bodice style is beautiful and fits MsNotaGoth perfectly!!!!! I haven't had to alter the pattern at all!!!!!

The only grumpy part of this afternoon was working out that I don't have enough fabric to make the full circle petticoat I need/want, so I couldn't get that finished.

Also, it's a really easy pattern and I think I can make it quite quickly. Just as well, I only have two weekends. :)


and here it is!

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I'm working on my new frock for Winterfeast, but I've solved the problem and now I just have to do the work - boring!

Next problem solving exercise - making a petticoat for MsNotaGoth's formal dress.

She wants what I now know is called a poodle dress and needs a crinoline.

Here's a bunch of links with photos and some instructions. Deep in some of the comments on blogs are great suggestions for finishing and wearing them.

two sets of instructions - and a photo

If I were a different person, and they sold one in the hot pink MsNotaGoth wants, I could buy one of these

Yay! for Dress a Day, good hints in the comments

Instructions for a really simple tulle skirt but I think it wouldn't make the right shape.


I should have stopped there, but then I found this picture and this one.

I like the second one, but I'm not sure I have the sewing skills for the back detail.

ETA ( I should have been working but had to restart Firefox so I could finish installing Quicktime, so I could watch a movie on a firends page and I didn't want to lose a fabbo page.)

I found this page of petticoat pictures in my tabs and I don't remember getting it. But it's good.
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