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 I have a new induction stove.  Many of my favourite pots don't work on the induction surface and the ovens (there are 2) are smaller than my roasting pans.  The large oven has 5 shelves and the small oven has 2.  Assuming a roast height of 15cm, there is room in the large oven for 4 roasts and one in the small oven.  I can cook up to 7 trays of cookies or pies in the 2 ovens.  The instruction manual says that the maximum roasting tray size is 37cm x 32cm and the max baking tray size is 35cm x 25cm.  I don't understand the discrepancy as there is air circulation space at the back of the ovens.  I can also fit my existing square cookie trays (3no) in the big oven, as long as I put the oven shelves at the top of the shelf supports, leaving about 1cm either side of the tray.

Here's the shopping list;
  • up to 4 cookie sheets (I like the perforated ones)
  • silicon sheets to fit
  • 4 baking/roasting pans
  • 2 crepe pans
  • cooking pot replacement for heavy pasta pot
  • another saucepan
Having done a bit of shopping, maybe the cookie sheets could have more lip and perhaps double as roasting pans?  Something like this;  I still have one large and 2 small pans with a 5cm lip.  I've had a look through the perforated pans I can find and they all seem to be larger than my oven will fit :(.

I looked at the non-stick versions but the product has a guarantee of 20years and the non-stick coating only 5 years.  I think I want something that will continue to be functional for longer than both of those times.  I wonder how long the silicon sheets are meant to last?  OTOH, if I use them and they stop being useful I will still have all of the energy invested in the aluminium trays.

Crepe pans; we used to have non-stick aluminium ones, but we had to replace one because the non-stick scraped off.  I really like our well seasoned cast iron pans, but they're too heavy and deep for happy pancake making.  So I'm thinking that we should just buy a couple of these steel ones -

The heavy pasta pot is about 6L.  The thing closest to that, in the style I want is this one.  And I think I like that style enough that I would just get a suitably sized saucepan from the same range - probably 3L or 4L.

I will certainly be buying the 6L pasta pot and the crepe pans asap.  The other stuff can probably wait until we are given them, or next year when we have more money.

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On Sunday.  And this year I would like presents, 'cos we have no money.  This is a list of the stuff I have wanted lately and haven't bought for myself;

a stainless steel cheese making thermometer with a clip to attach to the pot.
a  second cheese mold with pressing plate, although bigger would also be good.
Now I'm looking at cheesemaking stuff, I also want this draining mat
And this book is better than the one I have.

I'm also told that Bunnings has a temperature display that also shows humidity - that would be useful if I want to set up a cheese fridge.

And my bright idea this week is that I should plant 3 blueberry bushes in my front garden and pull out the silly white flowered tree and the old grapevine.  So I would like blueberry bushes to do that with.

New things

Aug. 8th, 2013 09:28 am
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I'm a bit about the bright, new and shiny.

when I have to be especially productive when working at home, I have to go and find a new place to work.  It needs to be somewhere I don't associate with sitting around reading the internet.  So far in my working at home regime, I have worked; on my bed, at the kitchen table, standing at the laundry bench (that was pretty good) on the far couch and on the near couch.  I have also worked with beanies, scarves and blankets for heating.

I've been getting sick of making bread.  It helped for a little while when I had finally finished off the wholemeal spelt flour and could start on the atta flour.  But unfortunately, 4 months is too long to store atta flour and it had gone rancid.  Does anyone else want to join me in an order from Hindustan Imports?  Or will I just head to the D'souza's at Preston Market?

Yesterday I found a new video on making bread and it might be the bright, shiny and new thing I need to get me going.  It's an almost no knead method where you make a wet dough and leave it for ten minutes.  then you cover the top with olive oil and form the dough into a ball, pushing the olive oil surface to the underside of the ball.  You give it a few kneads and you have beautiful, springy dough that's not sticky.  I'm giving it a second proving because I don't quite have enough sourdough for a good flavour and then I'll put it into a tin.  the other new thing is cooking it when it has only increased in size by 50%.  Yesterday's loaf rose to it's expect height with no problems.  I need a better dough slashing device though - maybe for my birthday?

While I'm on birthday wishes, I'd also like a new set of kitchen scales to hang on my wall.  My mum's old tupperware ones have a stretched spring and I don't trust them anymore.


Jul. 2nd, 2011 11:45 am
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Last summer I borrowed The Kitchen Garden Companion from sjkasabi's mum and held onto for a little longer than was socially acceptable. 

Today I changed my firefox options so I can search google australia from the search bar, and while I was at it I found out that I can add keywords and, with my new add-on, searches for site.  I added booko.

While I was at it I noticed The Kitchen Garden Companion and clicked for a closer look.  There are two different editions and the most recent edition had a price of $23 instead of $65.  by clicking through, I discovered it's the Northern Hemisphere edition.  If I want the local edition I have to pay $40 more!  That's outrageous!

Adding to the wishlist as I surf: Kitchen Garden Cooking for Kids


Jan. 5th, 2011 07:09 am
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If I wanted chooks I would probably just buy a coop like this for $139:

Just sayin...

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I've had a lovely morning.  I finished my Georgette Heyer novel and then roamed around  my usual haunts on the internet.

Then I sat up, opened my computer and was inspired by shu_shu_sleeps to take a look at

I'm nearly ready to get out of bed so I can start on the crinoline, the full gathered skirt and the bolero.  I'm a bit torn by the fact that most of this retro gear appears to need substantial underwear and I'm too much of a modern woman to constrain myself like that.  I don't think I will, but later today I might make a tunic style overshirt with the silk I bought in Adelaide.

I might not get to that though, I also want to:

Clean Rose's bedroom and set it up for her to work on craft stuff.
Plant basil, lettuce and cooked greens seedlings (that will require a trip to Bunnings, or somewhere similar)
Perhaps I'll also have a go at planting my own seedlings, to replace the lettuce and basil when we've eaten this batch of seedlings.

And a virtuous wife would head to the market for vegies, to allow her husband downtime before his trip to the country and gig. (Also, I might not get any if I don't - he appears to be working on armour)

btw, I'm very inspired by the pictures at American Apparel showing the workers and their conditions.

Also, a tailor's ham just hit my wishlist.

Hah! the way to virtue is to work out what's in it for you - I got my seedlings at the market.  That way we got vegies and I supported a small business, as well as avoiding the use of a car.  Just as well, I only realised on the way to the market that mr-bassman will be taking the car today so home based activities will be the easiest option.
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Posting this quickly from work - where I arrived at 8.30am - a personal record for the last 4 months.

I thought I would post my wishlist now, hopefully in time to be of some use.

Small notebook for in my handbag.  The one I have is almost full and it's nice to have a new one each year.  Although without Midwinter, next years may not fill up like this one did.  The one I have is 9cm x 14cm and 1.5cm thick.  I really like the elastic to hold it closed.  I've noticed I do quite a lot of drawing in it, so if it had some pages with 5mm grids that would be awesome.

I use a diary at work and last year I consciously went out to buy one with interesting pictures every so often.  I like that.  I also like A5 size, with a week to a page (2 weeks to an opening)

Hair stuff.  I can't seem to keep them, so hair ties, clips and bun things would be great.  This would make a fantastic recurring present - at least while I have long hair.  Rose would probably enjoy this sort of gift/s too.

I need a compost turner.  One of those metal things with a handle and a spiral on the end that you can screw into your compost pile and then lift.

The watering can I have is dodgy.  The water rose keeps falling off.  Maybe I should have spent more money on it.  but I don't think I knew how much I would use it.

I plan to lie on the couch for at least 3 days over the holidays and I really need stuff to read while I do it.  Help.

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Can I please have this cake?

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Thanks to [personal profile] damned_colonial  (and a large list of other things to do) this morning I decided that what I need to do with all the time I spend on the couch is knit!

I'm all inspired by the following books:

Patterns for Guernseys, Jerseys & Arans 
Traditional Fair Isle Knitting

I have Rutt, but I like this single page precis of the history of knitting and I'm reminded that I still haven't solved my felted acorn hat shrinkage rate problem.

Of course the knitted items I would like to own are hand knitted socks and a 30's style lace or aran cardigan with a collar

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I woke up with a headache, and I collapse with delight back onto the couch whenever I get up and wander the house.  I'm probably just overtired and stressed and my body is making me take it easy, but Sneetch did have the 'flu on the weekend.

I've also just read about pressure cookers.

I want one.

Just saying...

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I'm going to add stuff as I find it.

Manor houses in Normandy - bargain!
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Thanks, [ profile] wenchilada

I reckon owning a copy of Where's My Cow? would be great.
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Had an exciting time at work today. One of the participants of the seminar thingy I was at suddenly made a strange noise and started to fit.

In amongst the general panic, it was my voice who declared what was going on, instructed people in what to do and kept everyone else calm, by being authoritative at them. Not so much first aid required, as crowd control.


And also nice to see myself behave that way when it matters. I have that picture of myself, but have times when I doubt it. There aren't many times you get to practice.

Anyway, the ambulance people came, gave him oxygen and took him away. He'll be fine.

Also, we seem to have a revised car plan.


Feb. 27th, 2007 11:17 pm
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Thankyou [ profile] sui_001!!

Everyone else! Look what I got!!

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on 8 September, I found the following fares for [ profile] mr_bassman and me and Rose.

Jetstar - $795.52
Qantas - $1673.12
Virgin - $937.50
Air New Zealand - $1,141.56

Today they look like this:

Jetstar - $726.08
Qantas - $1688.12
Virgin - $937.50
Air New Zealand - $911.12

I looked at Emirates, their booking/flight investigation software is crap and they don't let you choose the date which gives you the cheapest flight. I think the flight to Auckland was more than for Qantas though. Unless you can find the flights to New Zealand they are advertising as "from $199". Conditions say that you have to fly between now and 1 Jan AND you have to find the flights which have those seats available. I couldn't find them.

Tried to look at Thai airlines, but their page keeps timing out.

And I think [ profile] auntyyolly is probably right, you need to wait until about 3 months out. Fares for Coronation look like this;

Jetstar - $926.08
Qantas - $1644.12
Virgin - $977.50
Air New Zealand - $1607.12
Emirates - $1345.08

Addit: If we flew Emirates from Sydney to Christchurch, as suggested by [ profile] vonstrassburg, the total trip would cost $1000.28 + $392 = $1392.28, flying Qantas to Sydney and not including accommodation in Sydney but the flights leave for Christchurch at times that don't work for connecting flights.
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This might be for Rose more than me, but I'd really like to own some They Might Be Giants kids music.

I went to Amazon to take a look at what the name of the album was.

Now I want This one, and this one, and this one

We spent the morning rearranging the kitchen and laundry. It feels good. Next (that is, next week 'cos we're off to a family party this afternoon) we'll pull apart the family room and have an amazingly tidy house for our christmas holidays. I really like having an organised, tidy house in time for christmas. It's so much nicer having people over when it's tidy. Then we can mess it all up again in the new year.

more wishes

Dec. 8th, 2006 02:42 pm
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an sd card reader I can install in a bay in my computer

a dishwasher that doesn't leak water all over my kitchen.  Choice say the Conia CDW1211 is the thrid best dishwasher they tested AND it only costs about $500.

While I'm at this wishing game, I'd really like a new kitchen floor and cabinets too.  Can you send the plumber around to move my sink while you're at it?

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On the weekend, I commented to [ profile] mr_bassman that it would be nice to replace the water jug we use at SCA events with something nicer and more period. He replied that we should wait until our current jug broke.

Then, as I picked it up to pack it after Monthly Bash it broke. I wasn't trying.

Anyway, now I want a new one and I'd really like such a thing for christmas. I'm looking for the sort I want and I've also found a few nifty sites while I'm at it. They're at the bottom.

I'm looking for a 15th century style jug, like these ones

On the other hand, unbreakable would be good and only € 99.00

Contiuing with the unbreakable theme; take a look at the jug in the background of this painting , I like the sticky out bits.
There are some jugs in the background here too and Salome's dinner presentation of St John's head has some too, but I need to look at the picture in my book for that one, the ones on the web are crap.

Aren't these nifty, they're/it's from Memling's painting, "Virgin and Child Enthroned" and "Flower Still-life"

And there are some more metallic jugs in "January" by the Limbourg Brothers

Here's the stuff I found while looking for jugs.

This site sells real medieval stuff, including broken pottery

So does this one, the key word seems to be "antiquities". I like this jug, but I don't think I'd ever be game to use it. [ profile] sjkasabi, Is this the sort of cooking pot you've been talking about? Also, I think this would look great in the middle of the Abbotsford campsite.

I also found a thesis which includes a chapter of medieval clay floor tiles

You could spend a very long time looking at pottery stuff here, It's the Museum of London ceramics and glass collection
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I think I need to reduce the frequency of acceptable dinners at restaurants, currently at about once per fortnight, and save up for really good food like the dinner we had tonight.

There were five of us and the bill was paid by an old friend of my mother's. We heard how much the bill was, and were very impressed.

It was worth it.

Even the butter served with the bread was better than normal butter.

But I might have drunk too much wine.

And Ms Not-a-Goth is a star - she looked after 13 month old Rose AND her 5 month old, demanding cousin. At the same time. We paid her well.
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