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 I have a new induction stove.  Many of my favourite pots don't work on the induction surface and the ovens (there are 2) are smaller than my roasting pans.  The large oven has 5 shelves and the small oven has 2.  Assuming a roast height of 15cm, there is room in the large oven for 4 roasts and one in the small oven.  I can cook up to 7 trays of cookies or pies in the 2 ovens.  The instruction manual says that the maximum roasting tray size is 37cm x 32cm and the max baking tray size is 35cm x 25cm.  I don't understand the discrepancy as there is air circulation space at the back of the ovens.  I can also fit my existing square cookie trays (3no) in the big oven, as long as I put the oven shelves at the top of the shelf supports, leaving about 1cm either side of the tray.

Here's the shopping list;
  • up to 4 cookie sheets (I like the perforated ones)
  • silicon sheets to fit
  • 4 baking/roasting pans
  • 2 crepe pans
  • cooking pot replacement for heavy pasta pot
  • another saucepan
Having done a bit of shopping, maybe the cookie sheets could have more lip and perhaps double as roasting pans?  Something like this;  I still have one large and 2 small pans with a 5cm lip.  I've had a look through the perforated pans I can find and they all seem to be larger than my oven will fit :(.

I looked at the non-stick versions but the product has a guarantee of 20years and the non-stick coating only 5 years.  I think I want something that will continue to be functional for longer than both of those times.  I wonder how long the silicon sheets are meant to last?  OTOH, if I use them and they stop being useful I will still have all of the energy invested in the aluminium trays.

Crepe pans; we used to have non-stick aluminium ones, but we had to replace one because the non-stick scraped off.  I really like our well seasoned cast iron pans, but they're too heavy and deep for happy pancake making.  So I'm thinking that we should just buy a couple of these steel ones -

The heavy pasta pot is about 6L.  The thing closest to that, in the style I want is this one.  And I think I like that style enough that I would just get a suitably sized saucepan from the same range - probably 3L or 4L.

I will certainly be buying the 6L pasta pot and the crepe pans asap.  The other stuff can probably wait until we are given them, or next year when we have more money.

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