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What is it with me and things to do?

Since Friday I have decided to do the following things:

make garden beds and plant them with tomatoes, capsicum and basil
install the water tank I got for free from work
move the compost bin and make more garden bed where the compost bin is
help Sneetch make curtains (fabric bought cheap yesterday)
recover the couch in my living room that has a bunch of rips and looks ugly (fabric bought cheap yesterday)
clean my bedroom and get my dry cleaning processed
clean the sink
go to Bash.

I have to do every single one of these things RIGHT NOW!!! but there are so many things that I've immobilised myself with indecision and it's quite likely I won't do any of them. 

Of course, before I can start one of them I have to do the following things;

find Rose's clothes
dress Rose
argue with Rose about TV watching
find clothes for me to wear (probably getting sidetracked into tidying my room)
finish writing this blarney

by which time, it will be time to organise snacks and clothes for Bash. (Yes, I could dump Bash, but I don't really want to - I want to find the bits of my old life I enjoyed and rework them so I can keep doing them)

Sometimes I don't understand my brain.
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