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Jan. 31st, 2009 11:01 am
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There's no one posting to keep me entertained so I will. Although it won't be entertaining.

I'm sitting at the kitchen table waiting for it to be time to take Binka to the vet for the last time. We have an appointment at 11.15am.

While she seems almost normal she's breathing too fast and it's noisy as the air whistles through the obstruction in her nostrils.

She's quiet, preferring to lie out flat rather than paying attention to what's happening. And when we open the gate, she walks rather runs to greet us.

If we were home for the next week, I'd just watch her and wait a little, but we're not. And MsNotaGoth doesn't need the concern during her first week of school.

I met a good friend at the market this morning. As she said, the sooner I choose the more likely it is that Binka will have the death I'd prefer.

I guess that's what I'm doing.
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