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I love reading them.  I have binges when I read lifehacker, seth godin, and tonight I followed a blog I'm reading regularly to Derek Sivers.[1]

Tonight they all seem to be saying, "find the thing you feel passionate about and go do it".  The photo below really excites me:

And, of course, I have a thing I'm currently saying "Hell Yes" to.  Except that saying yes to that thing will have implications for the other things I want to say "Hell Yes" to.  I collect stuff to say "Hell Yes" to.  and I also collect the consequences of saying Yes.

That's how I became a mother.  The first time I had sex I faced the question all women face;  what do I do if I get pregnant?  and as I started to problem solve I realised that I quite liked the idea.  That what would be a disaster for some was actually going to be an exciting way to live my life.  I didn't get pregnant that time, but a year or two later, when my partner and I started being silly about contraception and pregnancy became a real option, I could leap into that decision with enthusiasm.  I said, "Hell Yes" and started a path that has encompassed everything I've done since.

I don't think these people writing their lovely money spinning blogs understand about consequences.  How do you say, "hell yes" when last year's "hell yes" is lying on your shoulder dribbling?  Or needs a roof over their head and an education?  or funding for their own "hell yes".

OTOH, I don't think that Hell Yes 23 years ago has stopped me from doing what excites or scares me.

I love the feeling I get when I'm finding stuff I want to say "hell yes" to.  I get a little bit of a glint in my eye (I can feel it glinting), and a big grin on my face and start a sentence with, "wouldn't it be cool to..."  My problem is not that I don't want to do stuff, it's that I have so many things I want to do it's hard to work out what I really want to do.  I think I say "Hell Yes" too easily and then don't follow through.

[1] Of course, the best thing to keep in mind while reading this stuff is from 43folders - Why am I here right now instead of making something cool on my own? What’s the barrier to me starting that right now?

OK, I've written my view of the world, it's got lots of links to the club of people preaching individualism and self actualisation.  Can I have my book deal now please?

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