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Some might call this the second shift.

We just got home from visiting my Dad.  MsNotaGot went to bed, mr-bassman went to bed with his laptop and I sat with Rose until she fell asleep again after getting out of the car.  Everyone's tired after a busy day of moving furniture to the point where everyone could have a bed in the right place.  Rose is sleeping in her own room for the first time tonight.

But I made a cake for Rose to take to kinder tomorrow where they will celebrate her birthday.  Then I punched down the bread I started this morning and put it in a tin so it can rise overnight and I can cook it in the morning while I eat breakfast.  I cleaned up the kitchen a bit and spoke to Sneetch for the first time today.

If I were the overachiever I normally think of when people talk about the second shift, I would still be in the kitchen; cleaning up while I wait for the cake to finish cooking before I can go to bed.  And then I'd set up my laptop on the kitchen table and finish that technical paper you're all over hearing me angst about.

But I'm going to spend my cake waiting time posting this and then reading the internet.  I might watch some telly or read a mag.  Also, mr-bassman will get the joy of cleaning up the rest of the kitchen tomorrow, so it doesn't feel properly sacrificial enough to get proper opression points and count as a second shift in the feminist sense.

OTOH, I'd really prefer to go to bed, even if I do have something self indulgent to occupy my time with.
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